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Eqyipment suppliers
Dubai Crossing design unveiled
Following the announcement of a sixth crossing at Dubai’s Creek earlier this week, US-based FXFOWLE International has unveiled the winning designs for the iconic structure.
TENs guarantees
The Commission and EIB have set up anew fund to under-write TENs infrastructure projects in the early years of operation. This is designed to encourage private investment by improving schemes' debt ratings. Chris Sleight reports.
CPA forecasts UK slowdown
Growth in UK construction output is expected to fall to just over +1% for 2008, down from the +2,6% growth seen in 2007 according to the latest forecasts from the UK Construction Products Association (CPA). The CPA says this low-level of annual growth is expected to remain until 2012.
Carbon-neutral resort planned
Foster + Partners has produced the master plan for a proposed carbon-neutral resort on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast.
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