Decommissioning of power plant hits its peak

Spanish electricity giant Endesa has reported that over 400 workers are now actively involved in the dismantling and decommissioning of the Teruel Thermal Power Plant in Andorra.

Andorra thermal power plant (Teruel) Andorra thermal power plant (Teruel). (PHOTO: Endesa)

Around 40% of the project’s site workers come from the local region of Andorra-Sierra de Arcos and its surrounding areas. So far they have completed almost half of the dismantling works, including the cleaning of circuits, decalorifugation, asbestos removal and the demolition of plant structures already cleared of waste.

The works, which began in February 2021 and are expected to take four years, are being carried out by joint venture company Moncobra-Rebilita in partnership with Endesa.

As part of its tender process Endesa, which is aiming to improve its ties with the region’s local communities, said it had given “priority in awarding the contract to the bid that sought to employ the largest number of local workers”.

Since then it has promoted local employment by providing “training for more than 200 people through courses related to occupational risk prevention.”

The decommissioning of the site, which will cost a total of €60 million (US$61.2 million), includes all works necessary to leave the site in a condition suitable for redevelopment.

Endesa said: “The dismantling of the Andorran thermal power plant is unusual in that it has to make the demolition work compatible with work on the future renewable electricity generation parks on the same site.

“This will make it necessary to carry out exhaustive planning and coordination of the work, prioritising occupational health and safety and all aspects related to environmental protection.”

The power plant will be replaced by the construction of a solar facility, that will see the creation of around 280 jobs over the next few months, 30% of which will be filled by workers from the local area.

Costing €37.6 million ($38.3 million), the new Sedeis V Photovoltaic Plant will generate more than 79.95 GWh of electricity per year - enough to power around 200,000 households - and will save roughly 32.6 t of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year.

According to Endesa, Sedeis V will be the first solar project carried out by its renewable energy subsidiary Enel Green Power España. It will be situated on the site of the former Valdeserana, which is located on the perimeter of the Teruel Thermal Power Plant, and will feature photovoltaic modules with crystalline technology.

As part of its efforts to promote careers in the energy sector, the company will also offer up to 700 people training in the assembly of solar panels and the operation and maintenance of solar plants.

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