Demolition & Recycling International - March 2020

D&RI March 2020 1

March 2020

Included in this issue:

  • World News
    Contractor responds to six-figure fine; big plans for Peter Bigwood and Mecalac; Hyundai names new managing director for Europe; O’Keefe stabilises Tilbury 2; Rubble Master subsidiary rebrand completed; Rhodar in specialist railway project; Wacker Neuson wins innovation award; Saudi recycling programme moves ahead; dates for your diary
    A five-page feature including:
    Taking down the Crystal Palace Hotel and Casino complex in the Bahamas was the first project of its kind on the island for a quarter of a century. To help their journey into such unfamiliar territory, the owner and general contractor turned to Fábio Bruno
    Power stations are among the most iconic of all explosive demolitions, but achieving the desired outcome involves months of planning and some out-of-the box thinking
    The next 20 years will bring numerous coal-fired power station demolitions, but how do you do so safely? Roland Alford, managing director of Alford Technologies, a provider of user-filled explosive chargers and disruptors, talks about his company’s experiences
    Robots are increasingly favoured for hydrodemolition projects, but what happens to the wastewater left over afterwards?
    Breakers are playing an increasingly important role as companies look to make projects more cost-effective and environmentally efficient
    D&Ri rounds up some recent product developments and applications for mobile screens as suppliers target markets on both sides of the Atlantic
    Companies from a range of market sectors across demolition and recycling will converge on the 2020 ConExpo show, which takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, USA and starts on March 10

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