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XCMG and Doosan in engine joint venture
A Doosan and XCMG partnership has set its sights on becoming one of the world's 10 largest engine manufacturers.
Joint venture mooted for engine after-treatment systems
Three manufacturers are exploring the possibility of a joint venture in the area of exhaust-gas after treatments for off-highway machines ahead of the next stage of engine emissions regulations which come into effect in 2011.
Steve Skinner reports on progress with Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB compliant engines
Steve Skinner reports on the installation of Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB compliant engines into equipment and looks at the solutions being adopted and how end users will be affected.
Multi-billion dollar law suit
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has brought a civil action against three US companies for the importation and sale on non-compliant Chinese engines
Cummins sees efficiency gains with Tier 4
A head-to-head test conducted by Cummins has shown its Tier 4 Interim (Stage IIIB) QSB6.7 engine offers a +5% fuel efficiency improvement over its Tier 3 (Stage IIIA) predecessor.
Deutz predicts Tier 4 losers
Deutz believes the cost of introducing Stage IV (final Tier 4) compliant engines will put some construction equipment manufacturers out of business.
Stage right for Cummins
Cummins has unveiled its Stage IIIB compliant 8,9 litre QSL9 engine platform at Intermat, designed to replace the current 8,3 litre QSC engine.
Cat expands engine remanufacturing
Caterpillar has expanded downwards its remanufactured engine offering to the 15 to 134 kW range.
New president for Perkins
Gwenne Henricks has been appointed president of UK-based diesel engine manufacturer Perkins.
Shell’s dual fuel
Shell has developed a unique dual fuel diesel Mercedes Actros on-highway truck to provide fuel performance and emissions comparisons for its research and development programs. The engine has two banks of cylinders, which can be fed with different fuels so that their performances can be measured simultaneously in the same engine.
Remanufacturing gets Deere
John Deere acquired full ownership of Regen Technologies in November, a remanufacturing company located in Missouri, US that was already 50% owned by Deere.
Setting the stage: meeting Stage IIIB engine compliance
European Commission legislation means that engine manufacturers will have to comply with stricter emissions controls from 1 January 2011. Confronted with developing complex new systems, engine manufacturers are diverting huge efforts and resources into meeting the deadline. Steve Skinner reports.
Kohler goes diesel
Kohler engines of Wisconsin, US has produced its first range of diesel powered engines. Initially available in the US and the Asia Pacific region, the seven air-cooled and six liquid-cooled models produce between 5 kW and 48 kW.
Delphi ups the pressure
Delphi has launched its first common rail fuel injection system for engines in the medium to heavy duty construction equipment sector.
Perkins' power alliance
Perkins is confident that its Stage IIIB compliant engines will offer a +3% improvement in fuel economy and a +10% increase in power output over current Stage IIIA variants, although initial purchase costs of Stage IIIB compliant units could rise by over +30%.
Agco rebrands Sisu Diesel
Sisu Diesel, based in Nokia, Finland and acquired by Agco Corporation in 2004, has rebranded as Agco Sisu Power to better represent the company’s future engine ambitions.
Engines: Emissions and efficiency challenges
Where do you start with engines? The industry is working towards the most challenging emissions legislation it has ever faced, while at the same time trying to deliver better efficiency as well as accommodate greater quantities of biofuels - a controversial area in itself. Chris Sleight reports.
Real life emissions testing
The European Commission is researching ways of measuring engine emissions from construction machines under real-life conditions, rather than relying on laboratory tests. CECE reports.
Deere factory passes 2 million-mark
John Deere's engine factory in Saran, France has produced its 2-millionth engine. The milestone unit was a six cylinder, 6,8 litre 6068H destined for New Way, the company's long-standing engine distributor in South Africa.
Technology group
While many companies like to keep new ideas to themselves until they come to market, Volvo has taken the unusual step of presenting many ‘in progress’ projects from its R&D department to the general public. Chris Sleight reports.
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