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Meva's rental plus
Meva has introduced what it calls “RentalPlus”, an initiative the company anticipates will signal the end of disputes over damage to formwork.
Peri for Calatrava's Edificio Agora
Valencia's Edificio Ágora is using Peri Up Rosett scaffold to complete construction in time for the opening in November.
RMD’s Grand Prix formwork formula
With the inaugural Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix now just seven months away (1 November), the race is on to complete the 6.5 km 10-lane highway that will link Abu Dhabi city, UAE with the new circuit on Saadiyat Island.
Efco climbs landmark bridge
Taiwan is already famous for one of the tallest buildings in the world, Taipei 101, but a new landmark bridge is now under construction that will see Taipei city linked with San Chung city in equally impressive fashion.
Self-climbing crane independent systems are shaping falsework and formwork
Crane independent self-climbing systems and improved safety structures are shaping the falsework and formwork sector. Steve Skinner reports on the new generation of formwork systems.
Hospital operation
SGB’s GASS formwork has been used to reduce costs and improve concreting efficiency at the new acute hospital in Peterborough, UK.
Doka USA receives NOVA Award for its Table Lifting System
Doka USA has received the NOVA Award for Innovation in Construction from the US-based Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) for its Table Lifting System (TLS).
Students get high on Ischebeck Titan
A combination of Ischebeck Titan’s aluminium HV soffit panel system and full-height, mesh-faced safety screens are currently being used in the construction of the world’s tallest student accommodation block in Leeds in the UK.
Formwork in Basque
The construction of the 391 m Basagoiti viaduct near the town of Mondragón in the Basque region of Spain was completed a few weeks ago, ahead of schedule.
Span Oka
The River Oka at Murom in the Russian Federation, approximately 300 km east of Moscow, is to benefit from a new bridge crossing.
Crystal clear
Waterford in Ireland is perhaps most famous for its crystal glass, but thanks to a 25 km bypass being built around the county town, it will soon boast of having the country’s biggest cable-stayed bridge too.
Evolving solutions: falsework and formwork developments
New materials and systems are making an impact in the falsework and formwork sector. Steve Skinner reports on product and market developments and the close attention the sector is giving to providing total solutions.
Bratislavia Chic
A huge development covering 38,000 m² in the heart of Bratislava will give the Slovak capital a new mixed-use riverfront district.
Prosmyky traveller
Doka formwork travelled to the Czech Republic to create the new Prosmyky bridge over the river Elbe, due for completion in 2009.
Hünnebeck formwork for offshore LNG plant
Formwork manufacturer Hünnebeck's Italian subsidiary has supplied a range of formwork, including its Manto large-frame panels, for construction of the world's first reinforced concrete offshore terminal for the storage and re-gasification of liquefied natural gas (LNG).
Tunnel formwork from Peri installed for avalanche protection
Peri's Variokit formwork is being used for concreting nine sections of a 115 m extension of the 300 m avalanche protection system above the B145 road in Austria.
LNG infrastructure
When the Shanghai Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) project is completed, it will comprise a storage capacity of 6 million tonnes, a high-capacity distribution grid and a berthing terminal for superheavy tanker vessels.
High praise for Doka
Austrian formwork manufacturer Doka has been awarded the "SOLID-Bautech Prize 2008" for formwork operations during construction of the Burj Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Falsework & formwork: Safety first
The safety of construction workers on high-rise construction sites is pushing formwork manufacturers to develop equipment that not only provides a safe working environment but that is also easy-to-use and raises productivity. Richard High reports.
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