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Compressor used for piling project
A 12 bar Chicago Pneumatic CPS 375 compressor is being used in Hanoi, Vietnam, to flush out water and soil from 50 m deep borings for the construction of concrete piles.
Specialised solutions: Evolving techniques in the foundations industry.
Foundations equipment manufacturers are focusing on developing more environmentally friendly and specialised piling techniques to meet different market needs. Improving operator comfort as well as complying with engine emissions regulations remain priorities. Becca Wilkins reports.
Deep stability: An in-depth look at the foundations equipment sector
Product innovation, with a focus on the environment and increasing productivity remains top priority for global foundation equipment manufacturers, despite difficult market conditions. Becca Wilkins reports.
Steel mill foundations come under the spotlight
Foundation testing at ThyssenKrupp Companhia Siderúrgica do Atlântico's steel manufacturing complex in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Digging deep - the latest foundations equipment and techniques
The latest foundation equipment and techniques are more environmentally friendly and technologically sophisticated allowing for increased productivity on challenging construction sites.
Bauer installs cut-off wall at Hinze Dam, Australia
The acute water shortage currently affecting Australia means the Hinze Dam near Brisbane in South East Queensland, is undergoing its third upgrade.
Bauer delivers for Lebanese substation
Bauer Lebanon Foundations has used a HBM 4 and a TR 17 vibrator during construction of the country’s 400 kV Ksara Substation for Siemens.
Inaugural project for Bauer's Vietnam subsidiary
The first project for Bauer Vietnam was the construction of foundations for 11 apartment blocks some 10 km from the centre of the capital Ho Chi Minh.
Foundations: the latest techniques and machines
The foundations sector is a specialist area but it is vital to the construction industry. The latest equipment and techniques allow for the construction of new and ever-more complicated projects to take place around the globe. Becca Wilkins reports.
Sure footing for Europe's foundation sector
Buoyant sales and increased turnover from equipment manufacturers and contractors alike, coupled to a growing need for alternative energy generation and infrastructure expansion, are helping push the development of cutting edge technologies in the foundations sector. Richard High looks at the latest developments and reports on some of the machines in action.
Double action
Contractor Matthias Strobel has used a Liebherr LRB 255 piling and drilling rig in a double rotary drilling application during construction of the Emmerauentunnel Luegde, Germany.
Aarsleff piles in
In an effort to improve pedestrian and car safety at an automatic railway crossing on the A27 road at Beddingham, UK, a well-known bottleneck and accident blackspot, the UK's Highways Agency decided to replace the crossing with a bridge.
Deep and dirty: Europe's foundation market strong
A flurry of acquisitions and strong results show the European foundations sector to be in good health, while manufacturers are busy responding to legislation in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of the industry. CE reports.
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