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Explosive felling with Independence Excavating
US demolition contractor takes down 152 m (500 ft) smoke stack at Hudson Yard, New Jersey
Dykon Explosive Demolition - Year in review 2019
A look back at some of the year’s best demolition work undertaken by US-based company Dykon
Illegal towers imploded by Jet Demolition
Supreme Court of India ordered urgent demolitions as buildings violate building regulations  
Brown and Mason – Rugeley Power Station
The latest phase of the British contractor’s explosive demolition at major UK site (13 February)
Jet implodes three towers in India
Supreme Court of India orders urgent demolitions as buildings violate regulations
A variable approach to demolition in Brazil
When Fabio Bruno Construções imploded 19 silos and a concrete building in Rio de Janeiro, it had to consider a number of scenarios
Tarfside Oval towers brought low
Dem-Master and Safedem felled three 22 storey blocks of flats in Glasgow to make way for an urban redevelopment project
Explosive justice
Damaged beyond economic repair after the devastating earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, four-and-a-half years ago, an icon of the city’s skyline finally succumbed to demolition. Chris Webb reports
Refinery falls before Liberty
Liberty Industrial is currently clearing redundant process plant from the Clyde Refinery in New South Wales, Australia
Omega meets its end
Liberty Industrial used explosives to bring down the redundant Omega Transmission Tower, a naval communications facility in Australia
AfE Tower implosion joins WDS programme
The explosive demolition of the AfE Tower, former home to Frankfurt University, will be a topic at the 2014 World Demolition Summit
Red Road demolition dropped from opening ceremony
The simultaneous implosion of the five 30 storey Red Road blocks of flats in Glasgow will not now feature in the 2014 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony
An explosive opening for Commonwealth Games
Safedem will simultaneously implode five 30 storey tower blocks at Red Road, Glasgow as part of the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games
Record Frankfurt blast
The AfE University Tower in Frankfurt brought down by explosives
Glasgow blowdown clears the way
Another multistorey block of flats in Glasgow fell to explosives
Implosion aids earthquake mapping
Scientists will use data generated from a San Francisco blowdown to map earthquake locations
Sandiefield flats fall to Coleman
Coleman & Co successfully imploded two more high rise flats in the Scottish city of Glasgow
Chimney a blast for Brown and Mason
The third tallest chimney in the UK is set to be brought low by a controlled implosion
Derby demolition double for Safedem
Safedem successfully imploded two Dundee tower blocks with minimal impact on surrounding structures
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