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Explosive height record revisited by Controlled Demolition
Controlled Demolition broke its own height record when it brought down a redundant TV relay tower near White Lake, NC
Birmingham tower block falls to explosives
DSM Demolition Group successfully imploded the 18 storey Normansell Tower in Aston, Birmingham, on Sunday 2 September
Hull skyline icon falls to explosive blast
Hughes & Salvidge successfully used explosive demolition to brng down Bridgeman House, a 19 storey residental block of flats in the UK city of Hull
Scottish multistory felled by explosives
The first of eight Red Road tower blocks in Glasgow was imploded by Safedem
Scottish high rises meet their end
Safedem carried out the sequential demolition of four 24 floor high rise apartment blocks in Dundee
Award winning Brazilian blast
The 2011 Explosive Demolition Award went to Brazilian contractor Fábio Bruno Construções for its work on the demolition of the Rio de Janeiro University Hospital
Scottish tower block falls to implosive demolition
A redundant 17-storey tower block in Greenock, Scotland, has been successfully brought down by the controlled use of explosives, under the watchful eye of specialist consulting engineers RVA Group.
IndEx's Dick Green - a busy year for demolition blowdowns
Dick Green, MD of UK-based IndEx Independent Explosives Engineers Limited, looks back on the first 12 months of his new company. Despite the challenging economic climate he has been busier than ever, and has been involved with more than a dozen blowdowns in the UK and abroad
Inner city work a blast - Norfolk Court implosion
UK contractor Safedem imploded the 24 storey Norfolk Court tower block in the heart of the Gorbals area of Glasgow, Scotland
Blowdown success for Safedem
Contractor Safedem successfully used explosives to demolish two 16 storey blocks of flats in the Scottish city of Kincardine
Lafarge chimney demolition a blast
Two 168 m chimneys are brought down by explosives by Erith Group
Setting the record - CDi implodes Ocean Tower on South Padre Island, Texas
US contractor Controlled Demolition Inc set a new height record for an explosive demolition in December 2009, when it brought down the 116 m (380 ft) reinforced concrete Ocean Tower on South Padre Island in the Gulf of Mexico. D&Ri reports
Stress relief -Safedem's award winning explosive demolition in Edinburgh
Safedem took the 2009 Explosive Demolition Award for its work on the 12-storey Broomview House in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. D&Ri reports on this project, the first explosive demolition of a totally prestressed, post tensioned tower block structure in the UK
Bridge work made easy
Atlas Copco demolition tools speed processing of demolition debris from a bridge over the river Main in Germany
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