International Construction - October 2018

International Construction - October 2018

October 2018

Included in this issue:

    United Rentals acquires BlueLine; Bangkok airport proposal; delay for UK’s Crossrail; ConExpo expands; construction growth for South East Asia; John Deere and Wacker Neuson team up
    While the price of oil still plays an important role in the economic health of the region, Scott Hazelton from IHS Global finds that many of the countries in the Middle East are looking to diversify their economies and that good opportunities can be found there.
    Largely thanks to the Indian government’s strong backing of infrastructure projects, Thomas Allen discovers a country where construction equipment sales are rising rapidly and the industry is in good health.
    Thomas Allen reports on this important sector of construction equipment, paying special attention to the difficult conditions these hardy machines frequently operate in.
    With different emissions regulations around the world, life is complicated for engine manufacturers. However, as Andy Brown reports, the need to meet these regulations has led to engines which are more efficient and powerful than ever before.
    With road construction being a major infrastructure spend for governments, Mike Hayes looks at many different projects around the world and the equipment being used to get the job done.
    With Bauma China being held in Shanghai in November, Andy Brown shines a spotlight on the show and finds out from one of the show’s organisers what will be new this year.
    A look at the Indian market, where construction equipment sales saw an increase in 2017 and are estimated to rise 15% this year.


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