The latest ICON 200, an annual ranking of the world’s biggest construction contractors by sales figures, has revealed that the total sales figure generated by the 200 contractors on the list is US$1.744 trillion – a strong increase from the last list which had sales of US$1.677 trillion.

Published by International Construction magazine, the list shows that China-based contractors continue their dominance of the upper echelons of the top 200. The Belt and Road Initiative continues to spread across the world – with Chinese contractors attached to these projects it is a major driver of growth for those involved.

The top ten construction contractors in the world for 2019 are:

10. Hochtief

The German-based contractor drops a place on the list from number nine to number ten with sales of US$28.9 billion.

9. Shanghai Construction Group

A new entry into the top ten for the Chinese contractor, which was placed at number 11 last year. The company had sales of US$29.4 billion putting it just ahead of ninth position but a long way from number eight on the list. This is the first Chinese company of many in the top ten of the ICON 200.


8. Bouygues’ Construction Division

The French company remains at number eight on the list, with sales of US$42.5 billion - a large gap between itself and number nine on the list.

7. ACS

Another European based company, Spanish ACS are just ahead of their French rival at US$43.7 billion. The contractor remains at number seven on the list, the same position as last year.

6. Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC)

The second Chinese company of the top ten so far enjoyed sales in 2019 of US$49.2 billion for the state-owned enterprise.


5. Vinci

French heavyweight Vinci holds its position at number five with sales of US$54.6 billion. The company has a number of subsidiaries, including Lane, which operates primarily in North America.

4. China Communications Construction

A large increase from Vinci’s figures at number five sees China Communications Construction with sales for 2019 at US$80.7 billion. From here on in, all of the remaining companies are Chinese. 

3. China Railway Construction Corporation

Sales of US$120.6 billion sees the enterprise hold steady in third position. China’s focus on high-speed railway - the country has the largest network in the world and plans to expand on this - has been the main reason for the increase in sales.

2. China Railway Group

The number two contractor on the ICON200 had sales in 2019 of US$124.3 billion. In last year’s list the company’s sales were US$111.0 billion.


China State Construction & Engineering has projects around the world

1. China State Construction & Engineering

Once again sitting at the top of the list, the enterprise saw remarkable sales in 2019 of US$203.1 billion - the highest sales figure ever seen by a contractor on the list and a large increase from last year’s US$178.9 billion.

Click here to view the latest issue of International Construction Magazine and see the full list. 


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