Haulotte commits to going green

04 February 2011

Alexandre Saubot, chief operating officer, Haulotte

Alexandre Saubot, chief operating officer, Haulotte

The Haulotte Group, has implemented an environmental management system based on ISO 14000 because, it says, it is committed to a continuing process of minimizing the impact its activities have on the environment.

For two years the company says it has been preparing to limit the impact of its activities on the environment in a number of ways.

Regulatory monitoring has been put in place to meet and comply with legal requirements.

To prevent pollution and accident, emergency kits have been provided and field control measures implemented. Examples of the field control indicators measured are: the level of energy consumed and the quantity of waste generated. These indicators are monitored for deviations or incidents.

As each risk is detected, it is recorded and analyzed to establish effective preventive actions. All staff have been trained in the environmental impact on air, water, soil, noise and so on, to ensure the expertise is on-hand to limit the consequences and prevent accidental pollution. External companies who work on Haulotte's behalf have been integrated into this process and are aware of environmental risks and impacts of the business.

The entire company has been made aware of energy consumption and the necessity to improve waste recycling. With its partners Haulotte has developed processes to reduce waste production at source ("returns" system, recycling of materials,)

Certification is the first step in minimizing environment impact and all Haulotte's teams have committed to the process of continuous improvement to ensure that knowledge improves knowledge and necessary actions are taken for "safety and the environment."

The intention of the Haulotte Group as indicated by Alexandre Saubot, general manager is to certify all of the company's industrial sites.

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