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14 November 2011

Kobelco CKE2500G crawler crane from the new G-Series

Kobelco CKE2500G crawler crane from the new G-Series

The Kobelco G-Series range of medium-sized crawler cranes is now available in Europe with CE Marking.

Kobelco first announced the seven CKE and BME models from 60 to 250 tonnes capacity at the ConExpo exhibition, Las Vegas in March 2011.

The first public showing of crawlers from the series with CE Mark will be at the Intermat exhibition, Paris, France, taking place in April 2012. They will include the 250 tonne capacity Kobelco CKE2500G with joy sticks and all available options, and the 80 tonne capacity Kobelco CKE800G with joy sticks and tractor-type crawlers with flat shoes, as well all options.

Designed as flexible machines suitable for all relevant applications, the updated series also boasts three green energy saving functions, referred to in the G-Series name. According to the manufacturer up to 25% reduction in fuel consumption can be achieved. At the same time CO2 emission can be reduced by up to 25% and NOx-emission up to around 50%.

The Auto Idle Stop (AIS) system automatically stops the engine after about 10 seconds of idling. Benefits include a reduction in fuel consumption, decrease in fuel cost, reduction in wear and deterioration of engine components.

The G-Winch offers higher line speed without raising engine speed, said the manufacturer. The hook can be raised or lowered at maximum line speed without raising engine speed when lifting the hook without a load or with a light load.

The third energy saving feature is the G-Engine, which keeps the engine running with limited maximum engine speed. At the same time pump capacity is controlled to maintain maximum winch speed for running or lifting. This improves fuel consumption by 10%, said Kobelco.

"The EUR Stage IIIB Engine with DPR (diesel particle active reduction system) burns particle matter collected by the DPF (diesel particulate filter) at high temperature, reducing particle emission up to 90% compared to cranes equipped with current conventional EUR Stage IIIA Engine," said a company spokesman.

An option for selecting dual or single pump flow is also available for the CKE1100G, CKE1350G and CKE2500G models.

Other new design features on the series include a spacious cab with a larger, colour touch-screen monitor with pictograms, integrating the LMI and machine condition indicator into one unit.

The CKE1100G, CKE1350G and CKE2500G base machines are within 3 m width and weigh no more than 45 tonnes, said the manufacturer and are equipped with counterweight, crawler and lower boom self assembly.

Optional features include an over swing prevention device, a machine inclination sensor, counterweight indication system, and alternative lifting charts for operation with full or reduced counterweight setup.

"These cranes represent a key element in our strategy to meet eco and environmental concerns and demands of the anticipated recovery in the global construction, infrastructure and industrial market," added Jos Verhulst, Kobelco Cranes Europe sales and marketing manager.

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