100 tonne Tadano for Mitterhauser

By Niamh Marriott11 January 2022

Austrian crane rental company Kran Mitterhauser has added a Tadano ATF 100 4.1 crane to its fleet.

In October 2021, Demag, Mantis and Tadano cranes combined under the single Tadano brand

The 100 tonne capacity model has a 60 metre main boom and was ordered with a 17.7 metre boom extension. This is enough to lift loads of 7.3 tonnes over a radius of 14 metres.

The 100 tonner was chosen as it can be used for a variety of applications and can be configured in different ways with various boom extensions, the company said. Mitterhauser sees a benefit in the self-fitting boom extensions, as this means an auxillary crane is not required for assembly.

Other accessories, such as the second winch, which can be used to turn and tilt concrete components, will mean the company can use the new model as an alternative to a tower crane.

It intends to use the crane primarily in prefabricated element assembly work.

“With performance data like this along with the versatile range of accessories, the 100 tonner covers virtually all of our applications as a taxi crane. And given that it can even be used in cramped conditions, this crane really does offer unparalleled flexibility,” said managing director Helmut Mitterhauser.

Mitterhauser’s fleet includes 27 mobile cranes, two thirds of which come from Tadano. Based in Zell an der Pram in Austria, the company different crane services from prefabricated construction and lifting industrial units through to salvaging work and tree pruning.

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