25 up at Socage

24 April 2008

The new 50 m Socage Souix TJ50 is less than 10 m long.

The new 50 m Socage Souix TJ50 is less than 10 m long.

Socage, the aerial platform division of the Fassi Group, celebrating its 25th year in 2006, used SAIE to showcase four new models from across its truck– and tracked–mounted platforms.

Notable in the truck mounts is the 50 m Sioux TJ50, mounted on a 32 t GVW truck and measuring less than 10 long on the road. Fitted with a 15 m telescoping jib, the 50 m model will be the base unit for a number of other new models, including a42 m machine on a 18 t truck and an 18 t GVW, 38 m unit with a 10 m jib.

Valerio Rampini, Socage’s export manager who joined from GSR earlier this year, says the aim is to create a range of models that is slightly less sophisticated than German made machines, but with the same performance.

Also new is the Apache T23, a 22.6 m working height model on a new Euro 4 Iveco carrier. As with many other Italian manufacturers, Socage has a new tracked model – the Navaho DA17. Weighing 1 t and just 0.8 m wide with outriggers stowed, two big selling points will be the ability to fit a 300 kg capacity winch instead of the basket, and the ability to self–load – using its outriggers – rather than use ramps.

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