52m Falcon Spider for Chinese resort

20 August 2012

TCA Lift has sold a 52m working height Falcon Spider FS520C to the Galaxy Hotel in Macao, China. The sale was made in cooperation with TCA's Chinese representative and will be used for cleaning and maintaining the building.

The hotel design is inspired by many historical Asian cultures and includes white and reflective gold hotel towers, tropical gardens and ornamented fountains. The €2.2bn hotel and resort complex has an artificial beach, wave pool, more than 50 restaurants and 450 gambling tables. The hotel at the Galaxy Macau has 2200 rooms, run by hotel brands Banyan Tree and Japan's Okura.

TCA's sales manager Brian Falck Schmidt said, "We are very proud to deliver a Falcon Spider to this amazing building. Very strict requirements for access, reach, and ground pressure were made on the platform, and the Falcon Spider was chosen due to its high working height, long outreach, light ground pressure as well as its compact design. We participated from the very beginning as a consultant to the architects and confirmed by working with the drawings that the Falcon Spider was able to reach the job."

The FS520C has a 52m working height and 16m outreach, it is compact and can enter through the main entrance of the resort.

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