81 K tower crane launch from Liebherr

By Euan Youdale22 March 2011

Liebherr 81 K fast erecting tower crane

Liebherr 81 K fast erecting tower crane

Liebherr has launched the 81 K fast erecting tower crane in the US market at ConExpo.

The 81 K represents a completely new design, said Matthias Donner managing director at Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH in Germany.

"For the first time in this crane class, the 81 K has Speed2Lift permanent double rope reeving, with no time lost on re-reeving. The crane operates economically, with an ideal spread of load capacities and speeds," said Donner.

Another feature of the crane is the Micromove, a fine positioning mode that can be selected by pressing a button allowing the operator to move loads to precisely the correct position. The 81 K can also easily be moved from one job site to another using a conventional prime mover, said Donner.

"The 81 K uses an exceptionally simple, safe erecting procedure. The tower is raised and telescoped out with a single continuous erecting rope. The erecting process is supported by semi-automatic quick connection locking between the tower and the slewing platform, and by jib guying rods," added Donner.

For efficient ballasting there is a semi-automatic ballasting system. Only eight lifting movements are needed to install the ballast and make the crane ready for operation, said the company.

"We see a major demand for this type of crane in infrastructure projects around the world. Whether we talk about construction jobs, like flyovers on highways, water treatment plants, sewage channel jobs, governmental supported thermal insulation programmes for private properties or other jobs the new 81 K with its load capacity of 13,000 lbs [5.9 tonnes] faces a very strong demand," Said Donner.

There are eleven variable hook heights. As well as the standard 26 m hook height, a range of configurations are possible without using the climbing facility to insert additional tower sections: four additional intermediate hook heights, a 30-degree steep angle jib position and a 45-degree angle to keep the jib clear of obstructions. If further tower sections are inserted with the climbing mechanism, six more hook heights up to more than 40 m are available with the jib horizontal.

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