Accès Location+ names new president

By Lindsey Anderson24 August 2018

Harold Dubé, left, and Luc Bertrand.

Harold Dubé, president and founder of Accès Location+, has retired from the Quebec rental company. On July 25, Dubé sold his shares to Luc Bertrand, vice president, as well as other shareholders - Fonds régionaux de solidarité FTQ and Yvan Blais.

Dubé will mentor and assist Bertrand until the end of the year to ”ensure a smooth transition,” the company said. In 2019, Dubé will continue on, as needed, in the capacity of advisor to the new president.

“Luc has been employed at Accès Location+ since 2006,” Dubé said. ”After only five years of service, he became my business partner. His knowledge, experience in the industry and his leadership will enable the continuing and successful growth of the company.”

Bertrand and the entire team highlighted Dubé’s career.

”[Harold] is a visionary who patiently built a company appreciated for the quality of its service and equipment,” Bertrand said. ”Known for his human qualities, his listening ear, and incomparable generosity, he is highly esteemed by all. Harold’s life and work have left a mark on Accès Location+.” 

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