Aggreko launches mobile generator for rail industry

By Helen Wright30 September 2016

Temporary power rental specialist Aggreko has introduced a new 60kVA mobile generator, targeted at the rail sector.

The new generator, which can be trailer-mounted, boasts stable two-phase voltage power for signalling projects and infrastructure maintenance in the rail industry.

The 690 V alternator has the flexibility to adjust output between 650V to 720V to compensate for voltage drop when transporting electricity to remote locations across long distances. This means that the optimum 650V output can be maintained at the point of connection, according to Aggreko.

The company said the enclosed generator and alternator was configurable for standby purposes to auto-start when supply was required. Negating the need for a separate transformer made the diesel generator quick and easy to set up and operate, it said.

Units are also available for static use and can be supplied with a long-range fuel tank for extended requirements, Aggreko said.

It said the new technology was adapted from a three-phase 690 V generator used in the wind power industry. The alternator is double coated to withstand the most arduous weather conditions.

Aggreko added that the units had been acoustically optimised to provide industry-leading sound attenuation levels down to 65dBA at 1m.

John Anderson, Aggreko's National Accounts Manager for Rail, said, "This new technology provides a simple integrated solution to maintaining reliable frequency and voltage output for CP5 signalling projects and other critical applications. We have optimised our engine management system to minimise fuel consumption and emissions without sacrificing the power output."

Aggreko said it also supplied standard canopy 240V and 415V generator and electrical distribution packages to support the latest signalling technology projects, transformer upgrades, telecommunications and maintenance projects.

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