Andrews Sykes launches 90 kW coolling unit

By Murray Pollok20 August 2013

Andrews Sykes' 90 kW air conditioning unit.

Andrews Sykes' 90 kW air conditioning unit.

Andrews Sykes has launched a 90 kW air conditioning unit - its highest capacity yet – that can cool areas of 2000 m2, making it suited for temporary structures and marquees, film sets and outside broadcasts.

The HPAC90 unit, which the company has added to its rental fleets in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and the United Arab Emirates, uses heat pump technology that makes it equally suitable as a large volume space heater.

The company’s previous largest mobile air conditioner was a split model delivering 17 kW of cooling, but the HPAC90 unit has been developed in response to customer demand for an ultra high capacity unit that can provide additional capacity during periods of extreme heat or as a standalone unit when fixed systems are being maintained.

The unit can be positioned up to 50 m away from the area requiring cooling or heating and has a maximum air flow of 15000 m3/hr. It weighs 1500 kg and measures 2280 by 2030 by 2450 mm (L x W x H).

Paul Wood, managing director of Andrews Sykes, said the HPAC90 followed the successful introduction of the PAC60 and a growing demand for larger units; “This arises from the increased cooling loads associated with workplace technology and increasing customer expectations in a wide variety of settings, especially temporary structures at events.

“This new unit represents a strategic investment in our fleet and will appeal to industries with large volume cooling/heating requirements but who have previously had to hire multiple units to adequately control their climate.

"For example, the events sector wants flexibility of heating and cooling at various times of day including ‘round the clock use’ given what are increasingly unpredictable prevailing climatic conditions.”

Mr Wood said Andrews Sykes may develop a fuller range of high capacity units, depending on the reception for the HPAC90.

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