Detailing guide update

By Christian Shelton25 October 2019

In the USA, the Steel Erectors Association of America (SEAA) and the National Institute of Steel Detailing (NISD) have partnered to release the third edition of Detailing Guide: For Steel Erector’s Safety and Efficiency, which it describes as a practical guide for erection procedures.

The updated Detailing Guide includes information on the various people involved in a steel project, as Jack Metcalfe, one of the editors of the guide and a board member of both SEAA and NISD, explained, “Successful steel project completion depends on the co-operative activities of many players - owner, architect, engineer, controlling contractor, fabricator, detailer, suppliers, and erector. Often the detailer and erector are two of the last parties to be brought into the project yet their ability to deliver is central to the success of the project. No matter your role in the construction project, we each have a responsibility for the safety of our peers. This manual is a contribution toward that goal.”

The guide also includes pre-drafting information, checklists and more than 50 sketches. It is the first update since 2009 and many of the sketches have been improved, said SEAA. In addition, FEMA Seismic Criteria has been added, the Pre-Construction checklist updated, and all material reviewed in context of current standards and regulations.

The Detailing Guide is available in both print and digital formats from both SEAA and NISD. Members of the associations can purchase printed hard copies for US$50 and download the digital version for free. The price for non-members is $75 for the printed hard copy and $75 for the digital download. To purchase, visit SEAA’s online store under the resources tab at


The third edition of the Detailing Guide: For Steel Erector’s Safety and Efficiency is out now

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