First Zoomlion lithium telescopic booms

By Euan Youdale15 November 2021

Zoomlion ZT22JE The new lithium-powered ZT22JE boom lift from Zoomlion

Zoomlion Access has introduced its first all electric telescopic boom lifts.

Launched in early November, the two new models, ZT22JE and ZT26JE, are powered by lithium batteries and are now available on the market. The lifts offer working heights from 24.4m (80ft 1in) to 28.7m (94ft 2in), with horizontal outreach of 17.9m (58ft 9in) for the ZT22JE, and 22.1m (82ft 6in) for the ZT26JE. Common features include 300kg (660lb) unrestricted platform capacity, 24° gradeability, 360°continuous swing and 4-wheel drive.

“Zoomlion is devoted to providing electric and green access solutions,” said Yi Zhong, manager of R&D at Zoomlion Access. “We initially integrated the lithium power into the Zoomlion scissors range in 2019, which is ahead of the industry trend. Now we are expanding the advanced technologies of lithium batteries into our telescopic boom lifts.”

Zoomlion ZT26JE The lithium battery-powered Zoomlion ZT26JE

Equipped with an 80-volt lithium battery that can be fully charged within 7 hours, the booms are purpose-built for indoor applications and are designed to be quiet, emission-free and cost-effective. Operators can also remotely manage the lifts by using Zoomlion Z-Asset, the manufacturer’s telematics system for monitoring the machines’ battery and tracking its current operation status.

“As the awareness around carbon neutrality rises, we believe the needs for electric booms will grow significantly on construction sites, especially in North America and Europe, both indoors and out,” says Jason Liu, global sales and marketing director of Zoomlion Access Overseas. “The new chapter of electrification has opened in the access industry, and Zoomlion will take measures on delivering eco-friendly access solutions across the product lines, with electrification and sustainability as our focus.”

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