Fricke-Schmidbauer adds Tadano to fleet

By Niamh Marriott07 October 2021

Germany-based Fricke-Schmidbauer Schwerlast has added a Tadano ATF-220-5.1 to its new Hamburg city-based branch.

The crane has already completed its first tasks in Hamburg

The company ordered the 220 tonner complete with an hydraulically offsetable, 18 metre boom extension. In combination with the 68 metre main boom and a series of variable counterweight configurations and asymmetrical outrigger base, the crane covers a wide range of lifting capacity and applications.

First task

The crane has already completed its first tasks in Hamburg which saw the crane lift a boiler cover into place at a district heating power plant. The cover weighed in at 32 tonnes and had to be lifted at a radius of 15 metres.

“This job was by no means a major challenge for our compact powerhouse. We are already looking forward to taking on even more heavy-duty tasks with our new Tadano,” said Dr Mitja Schimek, technical managing director at Fricke-Schmidbauer.

“We bought the crane for Hamburg, which is an industrial metropolitan region with a huge demand for short-term assignments, often in confined spaces. With this in mind, we knew we needed a compact, high-speed crane, and so the Tadano 220 tonne ticks all the boxes,” said Schimek.

The ATF-220-5.1 is designed to handle heavy duty work without the need for additional transport. With a hook block, sling and no counterweight, it remains within the 12 tonne axle load limit. In that configuration, the crane lifts 11.7 tonnes with the boom at full stretch.

The engines are a 390 kilowatt (530 horsepower) diesel in the carrier and a 150 kilowatt (204 horsepower) unit in the upper for crane operation. Both comply with the EU Stage V exhaust emission standard.

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