Funding completed for aggregates recycling

By Lindsay Gale12 March 2008

This should help increase the recycling capacity of successful applicants by an additional 751,000 tonnes per annum, diverting a significant volume of construction waste away from landfill disposal and thus supporting the constructions industry in the UK in achieving a more sustainable mode of operation.

The UK construction industry consumes some 280 million tonnes of aggregates per year, and as a result there is a need for the industry to optimise its use of resources. WRAP's capital competition provides financial support to help recyclers develop the infrastructure and facilities that allow them to increase both the quantity and quality of their output of recycled aggregate substantially.

Included in the beneficiaries of the scheme are a number of recycling operations including Peterborough-based GKL Northern Ltd, which gains a new facility that will process a wide range of used aggregate including construction, demolition and excavation waste, diverting 400,000 tonnes of this from landfill over the course of five years. New crushers and screens at an existing NWH Recycling plant will recirculate current low quality material as high quality, high value aggregate – 239,000 tonnes will be produced over five years.

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