German renters add Matilsa booms

By Murray Pollok10 November 2008

Wilhelm Buchtmann (left) managing director of Arbeitsbuhnen Buchtmann, with Boris Spielhoff.

Wilhelm Buchtmann (left) managing director of Arbeitsbuhnen Buchtmann, with Boris Spielhoff.

German rental companies Spielhoff and Arbeitsbuhnen Buchtmann travelled to Matilsa's new Zaragoza facility in Spain in early November for an early look at the new machines they have ordered.

Wilhelm Buchtmann, pictured left, managing director of Arbeitsbuhnen Buchtmann, has ordered Matilsa's Parma 16 D diesel 4x4 boom, while Boris Spielhoff (right), son of Spielhoff managing director Hans Peter, looked at its newly ordered Parma 21D, the 21 m articulating boom with outriggers seen in prototype at APEX in September. Spielhoff, based in Wuppertal near to Cologne and Dusseldorf, will be the first company worldwide to get the 21D.

Mr Spielhoff told Access International that the outriggers on the 21D meant that the machine could work close to buildings even on uneven and potholed surfaces, allowing contractors to use a 21 m machine rather than a 30 or 40 m model working further away from the structure.

He said the company had been investing in machines this year, including its largest ever, a 70 m Wumag truck mount, and 15 scissor lifts, as well as the Matilsa model. The level of demand for machines from is still good, said Mr Spielhoff, "but we think that in four or five months it will go down...we're just watching what is going on in the market."

Matilsa's German dealer Hubarbeitsbuhnen Bielefeld is supplying the machines to both rental companies.

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