Illumin8 purchases Trime lighting towers

By Lewis Tyler25 May 2022

Mobile tower lights rental company Illumin8 has purchased 36 X-ECO LITHIUM lighting towers from Trime UK, in reaction to what the company has described as an “increasing demand for more lighting on construction sites, trackside works and industrial projects.”

A fleet of Illumin8 X-ECO LITHIUM Lighting Towers. A fleet of Illumin8 X-ECO LITHIUM Lighting Towers. (Photo: Trime)

The X-ECO LITHIUM features advanced lithium battery technology which means it can be fully recharged in less than two hours. According to Trime, this means that in a ten-hour cycle, for 80% of operation, “the X- ECO HYBRID LITHIUM is powered exclusively by its batteries, and therefore emits zero noise and zero carbon emissions.”

Trime, who also manufacture a range of dust suppression units and advanced wash, say that the illumination of the X- ECO HYBRID LITHIUM is powered by six LED lamps that illuminate over 3000 square metres.

The order placed by Illumin8 has been delivered with several specifications that are bespoke to the company. These include a solar panel that aids emission-free battery charging, which makes the lights “three times more efficient than standard hybrid lighting towers,” and an advanced tracking system which is fitted to the entire fleet of towers.

Via a connected device, Illumin8 will also be able to track each unit and monitor and evaluate its performance which will enable an engineer to complete basic checks such as low oil, low fuel and low battery levels. This will then allow the engineer to report any faults back to the operator for rectification, reducing the chance of the set becoming unusable.

Neil Fenwick, founder and Managing Director of Illumin8, who operate in the UK and Ireland said: “Our overriding aim is to develop the most sustainable fleet of tower lights, hence our decision to invest in these X-ECO LITHIUM sets. The addition of a solar panel means that our clients will save fuel costs, which has become of paramount importance with the switch away from reduced-duty red diesel.”

Illumin8 Fleet. Illumin8 Fleet. (Photo: Trime)

“We believe that we have one of the newest and largest fleet of lighting towers. The event side of our business is quickly getting back to pre-pandemic levels, and alongside the large increase in demand for lighting from our construction, utility and rail clients, make us very optimistic for 2022 and beyond”, added Neil.

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