Low-emissions package from Aggreko

By Jack Burke19 January 2022

Specially designed for oil and gas, mining, and utilities

Aggreko said its new 1300 kW Ultra-Low Emissions Package reduces up to 99% of all controlled emissions from generator exhaust streams.

The package is tailored to fit any project situation, the company said, and the Ultra-Low Emissions Package is designed to meet strict U.S. federal air quality restrictions for faster deployment and long-term use while significantly reducing environmental impact.

The system’s emission levels are certified to be 90% lower than the best reciprocating engine and turbine available on the market, and 99% lower than the federal limits, the company said.

Aggreko’s Ultra-Low Emissions Package is designed to provide 1300 kW of continuous power output and is equipped with a selective catalyst reducer (SCR) and an oxidation catalyst that converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide in a highly efficient combination.

According to the company, the package cuts all controlled exhaust stream emissions by as much as 99%, which helps expedite air quality permits. The package is suitable for long-term use and allows for more equipment on-site, the company said.

“We’re proud to introduce the world’s lowest-emitting temporary power generation system,” said Geoff Bland, Aggreko Product Manager of power and natural gas.

Aggreko said its newest power system cleans up to 99% of all controlled emissions, significantly reducing environmental footprint without interfering in operations.

“In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency requires very strict air quality levels to ensure that industries can operate productively while still protecting the health of employees and neighbors. With our Ultra-Low Emissions Package, we empower our customers with new technology that far exceeds EPA requirements and ensures vital business operations can proceed swiftly through the permitting process.

“Customers will benefit by deploying this system on their projects knowing that it will significantly cut down on emissions, reduce their carbon footprint, meet air quality permitting standards, and increase operations and the amount of equipment on-site. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

The package is now available to all sectors, but specially designed for oil and gas, mining, and utilities, the company said.

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