New CEO at project transport specialist Silvasti

By Alex Dahm21 January 2022

Mugshot, smart, open bluse shirt Lauri Riipinen, CEO at Silvasti

Finnish specialized transport company Silvasti has a new chief executive officer. Lauri Riipinen has been appointed CEO, replacing Ville Silvasti who is now chairman of the board.

Silvasti previously covered both roles but as the company expanded it was decided to separate the CEO and chairman functions. Riipinen took up the post on 1 January 2022.

Lauri Riipinen has a master’s degree in economics and a degree in mechanical and production engineering. He has more than 10 years of experience at Silvasti. He held management positions for several years in his previous career as well, Silvasti said.

In addition to Riipinen, the Silvasti management team comprises Mikael Schmidt, Hannu Vuorinen, Jakob Antonsen, and Arje Rimon.

Ville, arms folded, standing in front of one of his yellow and red trucks Ville Silvasti, chairman of the board

Ville Silvasti got his appetite for transport from his father Jukka who built up and later sold a business in the industry. In 2002 Ville acquired a company specialized in moving large construction machinery, starting with two trucks, some trailers and two drivers. Ville also drove a truck and his wife Hanna did the finances and ran the office. The company expanded and in 2007 haulage of wind turbines started, soon becoming a major part of the business. Offices were opened in Sweden and Germany. In 2015 the company bought back the business Ville’s father had sold to Nurminen. Acquiring Danish transport specialist Frank Nørager & Co in 2017 helped increase Silvasti turnover to almost €50 million and the workforce to 180.

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