New PT range of compact tracked loaders for Terex

By Steve Skinner20 August 2008

The PT-80 is one of three new compact tracked loaders launched by Terex

The PT-80 is one of three new compact tracked loaders launched by Terex

Terex has launched its new range of compact tracked loaders designed by ASV, the US manufacturer that it bought earlier this year. Initially, Terex has brought the PT-30, PT-60 and PT-80 to market with operating weights of 1500 kg, 2880 kg and 4070 kg respectively. A PT-100 model will follow in 2009.

The 25.1 kW PT-30, the smallest loader in the range, offers a tipping load of 726 Kg whilst the 44.7 kW PT-60 has a tipping load of 1724 kg. The 60 kW PT-80, currently the largest compact tracked loader in the range benefits from a tipping load of 2812 kg.

All models feature ASV’s patented positrack suspension system and rubber tracks. Each machine in the new PT range has been designed from the ground up as a compact tracked loader and this has enabled the company to manufacture a product that benefits from excellent weight distribution, generous ground clearance, improved floatation and superb traction.

“In designing these tracked loaders from scratch, we have been able to produce a range of machines that exert less ground pressure than anything else on the market,” enthused Rick Harris, international sales manager for ASV. “Typically, the PT range exerts between 2,5 psi (0,17 Bar) and 3,8 psi (0,26 Bar) of ground pressure due to the excellent weight distribution and balance that we’ve been able to build into the range. These characteristics mean that we create exceptionally low turf damage, which opens up many new possibilities for operators.

“We estimate that the PT range will be able to work in 95% of the applications in which skid steer loaders operate, plus all of the applications that necessarily require tracked systems,” continued Mr. Harris.

The new range features ASV’s own rubber tracks, the carcass of which is constructed from three layers of fabric and two layers of chords. The elimination of steel from the tracks is considered by the company to offer valuable advantages. “The utilisation of fabric, chord and rubber in our tracks means that we get no corrosion and the tracks are not affected by heat, “said Mr Harris. “This means that the PT range can operate at speeds of up to 17 km/h, and operators should attain something in the order of 1500 hours of track life. I don’t think it will be uncommon to see over 2000 hours.”

The Perkins power for the range is transferred through an internal posi-drive system that is derived from the snow machine market. Mr Harris said of the transmission, ”We looked very carefully at this and we believe that this is the most effective way to transfer torque from drive to track without increasing wear. This system also enables us to distribute the drive load over a wide area of track which improves traction.

“The torsion axle suspension, transmission and balance of the new range help our customers make money, which is what it’s all about,” continued Mr. Harris.

Whilst the new PT range will be marketed by Terex throughout Europe, starting with shows in the UK, Germany and Italy, the ASV brand will continue, for the mean time, in other markets. “We enjoy a strong position in Europe, whilst ASV is highly regarded in the US and Australasia,” said Mark Raymond, global product manager for Terex compact tracked loaders and skid steer loaders.

“We have resisted the temptation to come in too early with the PT range, and we’ve worked very hard to ensure that the support, pricing, range and accessories are all right for the market. ASV enjoy an excellent relationship outside of Europe and although eventually all models will be branded Terex, for the mean time it would make no sense to lose the ASV brand,” continued Mr. Raymond.
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