New Terex Demag 300 tonne mobile crane launched

26 February 2008

Terex Demag in Germany has launched the 300 tonne capacity AC 300/6 telescopic wheeled mobile crane. The manufacturer claims it is the most powerful mobile crane in its class.

The AC 300/6 has a 64 m main boom and maximum load moment is 951 tonne-metres. The new six-axle model fills the gap between the AC 250-1 and the AC 350. According to the manufacturer the 125.7 m system length is the longest of any six-axle mobile crane. Superlift is optional.

“This jack-of-all-trades has an extraordinarily wide range. In the 140 tonne to 220 tonne class, with a partial counterweight, [it can be used] as an alternative to medium and large five-axle mobile cranes. In the 200 tonne to 300 tonne range, it is by far the most powerful crane of its class at this time, both regarding its main boom and its different extensions. Even 400 tonne jobs can be taken on with this crane – a territory that, for all intents and purposes, belongs to much larger machines,” said a spokesperson.

A height of up to 115 m can be achieved with a rigid extension, while the maximum 125.7 m is achieved with the luffing fly jib. When working with the folding jib, the AC 300/6 achieves a “one-of-a-kind-in-its-class” maximum system length of 84 m for travelling operations.

The AC 300/6 can travel within 3 m width and 4 m height, including Superlift, a 20 m telescopic folding jib, up to 18.2 tonnes of counterweight, a three-sheave hook block and the second hoist, according to the manufacturer. Further accessories can be loaded on conventional trucks less than 2.55 m wide.

“With a total length of only 16.44 metres, the AC 300/6 is the smallest six-axle and most compact 300 tonne mobile crane. Very small turning radii are achieved by means of its shortness and speed-dependent rear-axle steering. Another advantage – it is the only 300 tonne mobile crane with a front overhang of less than 2 m, which means it can also be operated in Great Britain and Italy without additional accompanying personnel,” added the company.

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