RM70Go makes an impact

By Lindsay Gale18 August 2015

Anglian Demolition is producing quality 6F2 class recycled aggregate from its Rubble Master RM70 tra

Anglian Demolition is producing quality 6F2 class recycled aggregate from its Rubble Master RM70 tracked impact crusher

Anglian Demolition & Asbestos Ltd, established in 2009 and headquartered in Attleborough in Norfolk, UK, carries out social housing, single building and commercial property demolition and asbestos work in the region. It recently identified a need to process on site the waste it generates in the course of its daily work, and carried out an evaluation of the various options available. The company finally decided to purchase a Rubble Master RM70Go tracked impact crusher through UK dealer ECY Haulmark. This is capable of crushing a wide range of materials, including concrete, brick, asphalt, glass, coal and natural stone, with a throughput of up to 150 tonnes per hour. Being compact, it is easy to transport via a low loader and easy to track with a hand held remote control, and features built in dust suppression and low noise emissions, making it ideal for inner city and residential applications.

Anglian managing director Lee Storer said of his new acquisition: “Because of the quality of the product the Rubble Master can produce we are selling it onto the developer for use in future construction on the same site. This means that no heavy vehicles are entering the site to take out the C&D waste or bring on pre crushed materials for the ongoing construction process, the advantages of which benefit both the local environment and community. To be able to crush the demolition waste and sell it for reuse on the same site is a win-win situation for us. Another advantage is the Rubble Master can be operated and loaded by one person.”

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