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By Murray Pollok18 March 2008

A Neptune genset working in Cape Town, South Africa.

A Neptune genset working in Cape Town, South Africa.

John Deere says its engines have “all the ingredients for profitable business and trouble-free operation, a clean and stable frequency with any load, excellent power, performance and fuel efficiency- but above all reliability.”

One rental company using John Deere powered equipment is South Africa's Neptune. Holger Heye, Neptune's chief executive, says: “A customer who hires a generator is much less tolerant of downtime than if it were his own. We've been adding John Deere engines to our fleet because reliability is of the utmost importance to us.”

Genset manufacturers using John Deere include Ingersoll Rand Utility Equipment in the US and French generator set producer SDMO.

“Our rental customers' expectations are simple,” says Todd M Howe, product marketing manager at Ingersoll-Rand Utility Equipment, North Carolina, US. “The equipment they offer must be of the highest reliability and contribute strong return on investment throughout the ownership cycle.” He also says the Deere units help to maintain good residual value in the genset.

Philippe Forest, of SDMO in France, says: “SDMO equipment is used worldwide, from Chad to Brazil, often in extremely harsh conditions. For us, John Deere is synonymous with maximum uptime and long lifetimes.”

John Deere engine range comprises units from 21 to 460 kW, covering emissions regulations including Stage II in Europe and EPA Tier 3 in the US.

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