Rigmarine winches for Caspian Sea platform

By Ian Vallely06 January 2017

The larger winch before travelling by road from Spain to Baku, Azerbaijan

The larger winch before travelling by road from Spain to Baku, Azerbaijan

Lifting and marine product specialist Rigmarine has supplied a bespoke winch system for a multi-national oil and gas company in the Caspian Sea region.

The riser pull-in system comprises 38 tonne and 12 tonne winches as well as key components, including hydraulic power units, tensiometers and multiple sheave assemblies. The winches will be used intermittently over a five-year period for riser and cable pull-in activities.

On delivery they will be fixed onto an offshore platform but can be relocated in line with the requirements of the project. It will be possible to operate both at the same time but, more likely, each will be selected depending on the pulling demands of applications as they arise.

Regular, planned maintenance will be provided by manpower based at Rigmarine’s Azerbaijan facility on the west coast of the Caspian Sea, from where the company services installed equipment on and around the largest inland body of water on the planet, between Europe and Asia.

Garry Nicoll, Rigmarine international business development manager, explained that the winch package is a lightweight system, categorised as such because of its high power (pull) to weight ratio. In this case, he said, Rigmarine has provided the capability for up to 70 tonnes of pull with only 8 tonne gross weight.

Nicoll added, “The winch units are very compact, suiting them to installation on the topside where space is at a premium. We are familiar with supplying such platforms, where equipment is typically moved through tight areas, meaning any floor space and weight we can save the customer adds further value to the package.”

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