SPP prepares for E-Series Autoprime launch

By Sarah McCay23 November 2014

SPP Pumps will be exhibiting its latest range of self-priming pumps at this year’s Flood Defence and Prevention Expo, taking place from 4 to 5 December.

The manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and systems said it would be introducing visitors to the new E-Series Autoprime pump.

SSP said the enhanced E-Series was versatile, portable and lightweight to allow rapid and easy deployment in any emergency.

It said the pump could also handle liquids containing solids and sludge, which would normally require suction lift.

In addition, an optional single-vane open impeller was available to deal with raw sewage containing stringy or fibrous solids and semi-solids up to 100 mm in diameter.

The Autoprime range of pumps was designed for use by contractors, rental organisations, utility companies, municipalities, mine operators and others in a variety of applications including overpumping, tank draining and cleaning, bypass, well pointing, dewatering and flood relief pumping.

The company added that Duncan Jackson, business unit manager for SPP’s autoprime division, would also deliver a seminar on diesel-driven, vacuum-assisted, self-priming pumps and show what they have to offer in a variety of flood situations.

“We are delighted to have been given this opportunity to help customers find solutions for flooding problems and to understand what equipment and systems will work best in each set of circumstances,” said Mr Jackson.

“As the Automprime E-Series shows, we are committed to developing and providing quality products to meet today’s growing needs. Our comprehensive range, backed by dedicated expertise and support, is there to deliver the right solution where it really matters.”

The Flood Defence and Prevention Expo will take place at ExCeL exhibition centre in London, UK.

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