Seli demolishes oil mill

By Leila Steed18 February 2021

The demolition division of Seli Manutenzioni Generali is using a DX530DM high reach excavator and two crawlers to take down an old oil mill.

Seli's Doosan DX530DM in action on the Belloli Oil Mill demolition project in Italy Seli Manutenzioni Generali’s demolition division undertakes topdown removal of the Belloli Oil Mill in Italy.

Located in the town of Inveruno on the outskirts of Milan, Italy, the disused Belloli Oil Mill is currently being demolished to make way for a new school complex.

Seli’s topdown project comprises the removal of two sets of buildings from the 18,000 sq m site. These include a number of 32 m (105 ft) high concrete silos, which were originally used to filter around 12,000 cu m (423,000 cu ft) of oil, and a smaller tower.

The company is using its DX530DM, equipped with a 29 m (95 ft) demolition boom, to tear down the reinforced concrete structures.

The high reach model, which features a hydraulically retractable undercarriage, has been equipped with shears for the removal of beams, pillars and thick brick slabs from the top of the structures.

Alongside it, Seli’s DX235NLC-5 and DX300LC-5 crawlers have been equipped with hammers and concrete crushers, for the demolition of the mill’s lower-level concrete tanks.

According to Doosan, once demolition of the structures is complete, Seli will equip its DX530DM with a digging arm in order to carry out  excavation works in preparation for the new school complex.

Doosan said Seli chose the DX530DM model for the versatility offered by its modular design, which allows for two mounting configurations of the excavator arm.

Seli's Doosan DX530DM in action on the Belloli Oil Mill demolition project in Italy

Seli’s machines were supplied to Seli by DMO, Doosan’s authorised dealer for the Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Lombardy regions.

According to the manufacturer, growth in the demolition sector in both Italy and across Europe has led to a rising demand for high reach excavators. In response to this the manufacturer launched a new range of demolition machines in 2020 and, later this year, Doosan will also introduce its new DX380DM model.

Seli's Doosan DX530DM in action on the Belloli Oil Mill demolition project in Italy Seli is using its DX530DM to remove high level beams, pillars and brick slabs.

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