Soletanche Freyssinet takes 100% share of Rodio Kronsa

By Joe Malone24 November 2015

Soletanche Freyssinet, a subsidiary of Vinci, has taken a 100% share of civil engineers Grupo Rodio Kronsa.

Rodio Kronsa, which was previously jointly controlled with Mexican partner ICA, operates in Central America, the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco.

According to Soletanche Freyssinet, Rodio Kronsa will generate revenues of nearly € 100 million (US$ 106.4 million) in 2015, of which more than 60% will come from Latin America.

Soletanche Freyssinet said it was stepping up its international expansion and continuing to increase the share of its revenue generated outside Europe. And, with the addition of seven further subsidiaries in Central America, Soletanche Freyssinet said it would be in a position to better serve its clients in that geographical area.

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