Speedy selects green biofuel

16 September 2020

UK rental company Speedy Hire has selected FuelBox Green D+ HVO – a new low-emission biofuel – as its preferred fuel for its machines.

FuelBox Green D+ HVO

The FuelBox Green D+ HVO can be used without modification to equipment and machinery

FuelBox is a UK supplier of a bag-in-box fuelling system for use with off-road diesel engines. The bag-in-box products are sold from around 1200 retailers and contain up to 20 litres of green biofuel, red diesel, Kerosene, hydraulic oil or Adblue fuel.

The supplier said Green D+ biofuel produces up to 86% less particulate emissions, up to 90% lower CO2e (CO2 equivalent) emissions, and lower levels of Nitrogen Oxides.

Michael Derome, Head of Fuel at Speedy Hire, said, “We selected this green biofuel because it creates significantly lower emissions than regular diesel and can be used in pre-existing engines, so our customers don’t have to upgrade or change their equipment to use it.

”It offers a route to immediately improving air quality that benefits both our customers and the communities they work in.”

The Green D+ HVO biofuel is the first renewable, fossil-free and low emission fuel to be offered as part of the FuelBox range. Launched in collaboration with diesel fuel supplier Green Biofuels, using Green D+ fuel is said to produce up to 86% less particulate emissions than standard diesel. 

According to Green Biofuels, tests carried out at Millbrook - an independent vehicle testing facility in the UK - showed that Green D+ also produced lower levels of Nitrogen Oxides and up to 90% lower CO2e levels. 

James Hunt, Managing Director of FuelBox, said, “We knew the off-road market was ready for something convenient and more eco-friendly, so we created the ‘FuelBox Family’ that are recyclable and can be stored easily.

”The addition of Green D+ HVO to our ‘FuelBox Family’ means that our customers now have a renewable, low emission fuel option as well - we are excited to give them the opportunity to make the switch.” 


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