Terex Finlay 684 smooths recycling

By Lindsay Gale02 September 2013

DJB Haulage, a Devon, UK, based road haulage and recycling contractor, has replaced its previous Terex Finlay 683 inclined screen and Terex Finlay 595 mobile scalping combination with a new Terex Finlay 684 inclined screen with a four way split that is transforming the company’s recycling operations. Recycled concrete is fed into a Finlay 883 heavy duty screen to remove fines, with oversize material then fed into a Finlay J1175 jaw crusher. This material is then fed to the new 684, which delivers single size products of 40, 20 and 10 mm (1.6, 0.8 and 0.4 inch), as well as dust.

In the past, output from the J1175 was fed into a Terex Finlay 595 with 45 mm mesh and then a Terex Finlay two deck 683 to product three clean products of 40 and 20 mm, as well as 15 mm to zero. Gareth Johnson, managing director of dealer Finlay Plant SW, helped DJB Haulage to specify the plant on site to enhance productivity. He said: “With the new 684, DJB Haulage has gained a product and reduced the number of machines it operates. Current productivity is around 150 tonnes an hour and the processed material is used for applications including pipefill and construction sites.”

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