Trailer configuration saves time

By Christian Shelton20 June 2019

Dutch heavy lift and transportation specialist Mammoet worked with Swiss freight group Fracht to transport heavy cargo from a pier to a powerplant construction site in Brazil. The work included increasing the pier’s capacity so that fewer barge journeys were required.


Transporting a generator to the UTE Porto de Sergipe site

To help achieve this Mammoet used a specialised configuration of trailers with longitudinal spacers. It said this allowed for an increase in the roll-off weight from 130 tonnes up to 240 tonnes resulting in a saving of around 20 barge trips which would have taken around an extra 140 days to complete.

In addition, Mammoet prepared an additional jetty nearby for offloading cargo that was too heavy for the pier. It also created a 200 metre road over a swamp, linking the pier with the jobsite. This temporary road meant that there was no disruption to local traffic or additional logistics required.

The items moved included a 400 tonne generator and several 250 tonne modules that measured 30 m x 8 m x 8 m. Once they were onsite, Mammoet moved them into position using crawler cranes and a gantry system.

The powerplant is called UTE Porto de Sergipe. It will be a 1.5GW natural gas-fired powerplant. According to Mammoet, it is the largest powerplant to be built in the region and is projected to provide additional power during dry seasons to meet 15 % of energy demand in the area.


Jetty offload at UTE Porto de Sergipe site

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