Your WDS platform and how to use it

02 November 2020

The online platform for the World Demolition Summit 2020 is set to go live this week – and by making the most of it you can enjoy the event just as much as the live face-to-face meetings of recent years.

If you have already registered for the WDS – which takes place on Thursday 12 November starting at 3pm UK time – or do so in the next few days, you will receive a link to the platform after it becomes live this Friday (6 November).

WDS  - time and date web


If you register after 6 November, you will also be notified – but please bear in mind there may be a time lag between registration and the link becoming available.

You need to register first, so please visit and make sure your name is on the list.

The platform will have its own menu for you to enjoy, including:

  • · Q&A – where you can put questions to our WDS speakers
  • · Chat – interact with other attendees, as long as they have enabled the chat function in their profile
  • · View the live stream – see the event with the “Watch Live” button
  • · Sponsors – we encourage you to view the sponsors’ information booths and chat to their representatives.

There will also be details of shortlists for all WDS categories on the platform.


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