A 14m tracked truck mount from Skyking

By Maria Hadlow06 June 2012

Skyking's  E140TJV Softrack 14m platform on track mounted truck.

Skyking's E140TJV Softrack 14m platform on track mounted truck.

The Skyking division of the UK's King Highway Products Limited has developed a new 14m working height platform in conjuction with Loglogic for use on its Softrak off-road vehicle. The machine will be officially launched at the UK show Vertikal Days on 27 and 28 June at Haydock Park nr Liverpool.

Managing director of King Highway Products, Mark Carrington said that the aerial platform is based upon Skyking's E140TJV van mount but with a number of modifications to suit the vehicle including special outriggers and a sub-frame design which complements the chassis. The unit was developed in conjunction with users in the electricity industry. "Skyking feels there is a gap in the market for a driven tracked platform which can be tracked over reasonably long distances," he said.

The platform has 360deg rotation, movable base controls on a "wander lead" and is designed to use common controls, which make its operation as compatible as possible with those of Skyking's equivalent van mount platforms. In addition there a commonality of parts with the van mount models so spares are freely available.

Mr Carrington said that the van mount style configuration was selected as it offered the optimum operating envelope when compared to other configurations such as straight telescopic.

The Loglogic Softrak is said to be popular with conservation and land management sectors and has been designed to meet their particular requirements. The Softrak has uses high strength steels to ensure a rugged and lightweight vehicle and wide rubber tracks generate low ground pressure.

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