A life in demolition - Cuddy's apprenticeship scheme

By Lindsay Gale03 October 2011

Four of Cuddy Group's new apprentices, (L-R): Aaron Lloyd, Kai Woodland, Stephen Williams, Kurt Jone

Four of Cuddy Group's new apprentices, (L-R): Aaron Lloyd, Kai Woodland, Stephen Williams, Kurt Jones

Cuddy Group, headquartered in Neath, South Wales, has just taken on six 16-19 year old students from the region who will serve a two year apprenticeship with the company, during which they will undergo the same extensive induction as any other new recruit to the company. Managing director Mike Cuddy hopes that going through Cuddy's training initiatives will give them the best possible start to their careers.

He said: "Many people would question a decision to invest in young people at a time when the industry is struggling to regain stability. However I want to attract as much young talent as possible into construction and demolition, regardless of the troubles and levels of confidence being experienced in the wider marketplace."

"I think it's very apparent that our industry's workforce is ageing and I am concerned that when these experienced professionals retire we are going to face a shortfall in fresh knowledge and skills. Yet I believe that you can have a long and rewarding career doing what we do, so I think it's important that we as industry leaders showcase the opportunities that are available to school and college leavers."

This is the first time Cuddy Group has offered an apprenticeship scheme, but it will not be the last. According to Mike: "I want Cuddy Group to help young people find some direction in their lives, and in turn this will inject some new lifeblood into our multi-disciplined industry."

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