A-Plant offers remote monitoring of genset fuel

22 July 2013

The 150kVA generator fitted with the TransTalk system

The 150kVA generator fitted with the TransTalk system

A-Plant has fitted a fuel monitoring device to a 150 kVA generator on long term rental to customer WysePower.

The TransTalk device is fitted to the generator operating at the former London 2012 Olympic site - now renamed East Village - where WysePower is managing several temporary office blocks.

The device gives the customer access to fuel tank levels from PCs and smart phones, preventing unnecessary top-ups and sending out email alerts when fuel levels are low.

The system also allows WysePower to export data in PDF, Excel and email formats and track fuel usage and ambient temperatures when the generator is powering heating systems.

WysePower project manager, Andy Hughes, said the system “is saving us time and manpower which all helps towards reducing carbon footprint and increasing efficiency, as well as our bottom line.

“It’s an excellent system and shows that our partnership with A-Plant does not just stop at hire of the equipment, but finding solutions to deliver good service with mutual benefit”.

The TransTalk device is supplied by Western Global, a sister company to Western Environmental, the company that manufactures the TransCube diesel storage tanks and other related products.

WysePower is part of the UK-based WyseGroup, which provides support services including power management, labour and waste management.

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