A time for giants - the latest high reaches

18 August 2011

When delivered to TDS in the UK, the Liebherr 984C modified by Kocurek will be the highest working h

When delivered to TDS in the UK, the Liebherr 984C modified by Kocurek will be the highest working high reach in the world

UK contractor TDS has taken delivery of the latest Kocurek-modified three stage telescopic Liebherr 984C high reach that, through the use of an lengthened mid dipper, has a pin height reach of 67 m (220 ft), making it the largest high reach in the UK, and to D&Ri's knowledge, currently the highest working machine in the world (although there have been unsubstantiated rumours of a 100 m (328 ft) machine in Japan).

The Liebherr carrier was already in the TDS fleet running in standard configuration and had done some 1,500 hours prior to its modification. With a lengthened and telescoping undercarriage (4.3 m retracted, 6.1 m extended), additional counterweight and associated hydraulic removal/mounting system, tilting cab and safety guards, and its working gear, the machine now weighs just over 200 tonnes.

According to Kocurek, a hydraulic boom quick connect system is not appropriate on a machine of this size, but the 984 does feature hydraulic disconnect assist on the lower boom pins, allowing the boom to be removed for transport in one working day.

Kocurek has also provided a 'standard' mid dipper that allows the machine to operate with a pin height of 62 m (203 ft). At the full 67 m, the maximum tool weight is 1.5 tonnes and at 62 m, 2 tonnes can be carried.

D&Ri understands that immediately following delivery, the 984 will immediately start work with TDS on the demolition of blocks of residential flats in Scotland.

Heading to Germany

Kocurek also took the wraps off another high reach special that is currently under development for German Hitachi dealer Kiesel. Based on a Hitachi 870LCH carrier, this will be a 50 m (164 ft) three stage telescopic capable of carrying a 3 tonne tool at full height, with a maximum forward reach of 20 m (67 ft). With the telescopic sections fully retracted, it will have a 33 m (109 ft) reach and be able to carry a 4 tonne tool. It will be fitted with a 7 tonne OilQuick boom coupling system at the boom foot, a system favoured by Kiesel, rather than Kocurek's own hydraulic system, to provide rapid boom changeovers.

In addition to the telescopic boom, Kocurek is also designing a non-telescopic three section heavy duty boom for the machine that will be able to carry a 6 tonne tool to 30 m (98.5 ft).

When mounted with standard backactor equipment, it will have a reach of 18 m (59 ft) and be capable of wielding a 10 tonne attachment.

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