About Isséane

25 April 2008

Isséane is a €526 million, 42 month project under construction at Issy-les-Moulineaux, just outside the Périphérique (Paris ring road) to the South west of the city. Client SYCTOM is an inter-municipal domestic waste processing syndicate responsible for waste disposal for 5.5 million people – 9% of France's population. In keeping with the aim of reducing environmental impact, the majority of the new building will be under ground, rather like the way that 90% of an iceberg is under water.

Waste delivered to new plant will be sorted for recycling and the remainder will be incinerated in a less environmentally harmful manner than the old plant down the road that Isséane replaces. Automated gantry cranes without operators will load the sorted waste from a 31 m deep pit into hoppers for incineration. The site will have its own cogeneration plant, making it self-sufficient for electricity and steam produced from the heat generated by waste incineration will be available to heat buildings in the area. Airborne emissions will be hot air, at 400oC, instead of smoke, and the ash will be taken away by boat.

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