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17 March 2008

Genex was founded in 1993 by Lorenzo Cipriani, the current president. In 1992 he seized the opportunity to buy the whole production of aluminium and fibreglass scaffolds from Genie Industries, the American leading company manufacturing aerial work platforms.

Initially, the two product lines included ALU–TEC scaffold, made from 100% aluminium, and PROTEC, a mixture of fibreglass and orange–painted aluminium. The following years were devoted to the research of an innovative 100% fibreglass scaffold. The result was UNI–TEC, a distinctively orange–coloured scaffold specifically designed for activities where higher safety and reliability standards are required.

As a consequence, the electrical, chemical and oil industries, as well as aviation and railways, were able to have at their disposal a very reliable and safe product for their particular applications. In addition, many other different industries were interested in this extremely useful innovation.

Thanks to the cooperation of some leading Italian companies in pultrusion and die – making technologies, UNI – TEC was produced in 1995. These specialists helped to improve the properties of UNI – TEC, which is entirely MADE IN ITALY and produced from 100% fibreglass.

By complying with the UNI EN 1004 regulation, Genex has obtained various conformity certificates in Europe and other areas, including the USA and Canada, and is in the process of obtaining more. Taking into account its clients’ needs, Genex has always believed that it is important to develop scaffolds which meet the latest safety regulations.

In 1999 Genex stopped the production of its aluminium scaffold, ALU–TEC, although guaranteeing the supply for those customers who were still using it. 1999 also marked the best sales year for UNI–TEC. This was due to a huge interest in this innovative product, which revolutionised the metal–based scaffold market.

Genex's made in Italy UNI–TEC scaffold is successfully used by industries where composite materials are required due to their specific features, such as dielectricity, resistance to rust and other corrosive agents, non–sparking properties, etc. These distinctive characteristics are guaranteed by the high quality of the raw materials: the best resins and glass, and high–resisting nylon fittings.

Our distribution network has developed over the last 15 years and now reaches the main markets all over the world. We have been helped by our dealers, who have always believed, and invested, in our products. We have been collaborating with many of them since 1993, including Planet Platforms in the UK, AVV in Germany, Trasporel in Portugal, Randall in the USA and Avion Pemas in Hong Kong. Some others were later to start working with us, but thanks to their organisation and our products, we have had excellent results, for example with Youngman Group (UK), Instant Scaffolds (Australia), Audros Pranasai (Lithuania), Truefocus (Taiwan), Xinlangling Electric Power (China) and Instant Scaffolds in Australia. For all our dealers we design special structures to meet the specific needs of certain customers or industries (see attached pictures).

Some new products are also being developed. The most important of these is a low–cost scaffold, similar to the UNI–TEC, which is intended for wide distribution. The main aim is to provide a lowercost alternative, which will also guarantee reliability and safety, according to current regulations. The new scaffold will also have a different colour from the original UNI–TEC.

At the end of the year another new product will officially be presented. This will be the UNI–TEC IN scaffold specifically designed for Live Working, which is a maintenance technique for electrical power supply lines, includingboth overheadpower lines and substations (see attached picture).

This new product, developed with the only Italian company which does Live Working, employs special FOAM FILLING TUBES that permit work near powered lines. It offers several advantages over the products currently available on the market, especially as far as assembly, use and disassembly are concerned.

Genex is part of CTE Group of Italy. CTE is the leading company that sells self–propelled aerial work platforms. This year CTE has been even more present on the Italian and international market due to the acquisition of well–known brands like Bizzocchi (aerial platforms) and Effer (cranes).

Genex's 2006 turnover was e4 million, about 4% of the whole CTE Group. All the new projects confirm that the group is an extremely dynamic one that always aims to develop the MADE IN ITALY brand.

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