Access for Genie Super Series access platform

By Maria Hadlow26 June 2008

With the help of the Powermate stair-climber, from Stanley Handling, Working at Height was able to p

With the help of the Powermate stair-climber, from Stanley Handling, Working at Height was able to provide customers with a way to get their Genie Super Series platforms into previously inaccessible a

It is increasingly common to use AWPs (aerial work platforms) to carry out maintenance tasks in difficult to reach areas, but often access at ground level can make it awkward to install the machine. Together, UK access platform distributor, Working at Height, and UK safety handling specialists, Stanley Handling, have come up with a solution.

Working at Height recently supplied Genie Super Series platforms to both Westminster and Rochester Cathedrals to allow maintenance personnel to change light bulbs in these tall awkwardly shaped buildings.

Because the cathedrals do not have flat floors it is difficult to move the units around so Working at Height teamed up with Stanley Handling who provided their heavy duty PowerMate M2B powered stair-climbers. These units were then supplied with the portable work platforms as a package.

PowerMate allows users to manoeuvre the AWPs, which can weigh up to 350 kg, anywhere around the cathedral safely and with minimal manual handling effort. Thresholds, steps, narrow passages and low archways can now be negotiated.

Paul Whittle from Working at Height says, "We sell the Genie and Stanley Handling's PowerMate as a package. It has proved a real success in enabling clients to utilise access platforms much more effectively in, what you might call, non-traditional environments."

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