Access Hot-Spots

By Richard High13 January 2009

Murray Pollok's presentation at last year's Europlatform conference, on Access Hot-Spots around the world, is now available to view on the website, including a voice-over by the author.

The presentation, given at the Europlatform conference last September before the APEX exhibition, looks at the potential for powered access growth in areas such as eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, China/Asia Pacific and India.

In the presentation, Mr Pollok reports on the views of local access rental companies and manufacturers on the mid to long-term prospects for the development of access in these areas.

"The market has changed somewhat since the presentation was given, in particular with regard to markets in eastern European and the Middle East, which are now being impacted by the worldwide economic slowdown", said Mr Pollok, Managing Editor of Access International, "but much of what was said still has relevance for the long term future of the access market.

"The start of 2009 may be a low point for the access industry in many parts of western Europe and North America, but these developing areas will provide fantastic opportunities over the coming years."

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