ADB loans Vietnam US$ 730 million

20 December 2011

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is to lend Vietnam up to US$ 730 million to carry out vital upgrades to its power supply to help remove bottlenecks in electricity transmissions.

It is hoped the network upgrades will increase power availability by reducing transmission system losses, causing power shortages.

The multi-tranche finance facility will be used to support the construction of 648 km of 500 kilovolts (kV) lines and 100 km of 220 kV lines, while upgrading associated substations. Funds will also be used to provide training and other support to state-owned National Power Transmission Corporation.

The programme is expected to help boost per capita electricity consumption from 985 kilowatt hours (kWh) in 2010 to approximately 3800 kWh in 2025.

Vietnam has been investing heavily in its power supply in recent years. The percentage of houses now living without power is just 3%, a drop of 19% since 1999, when 22% of houses were without electricity. Electricity demand is expected to grow by +14% per annum over the next four years.

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