AFI uses digital pen and paper

24 October 2011

inspHire will launch new digital pen technology at the UK's Executive Hire Show in February, 2010.

inspHire will launch new digital pen technology at the UK's Executive Hire Show in February, 2010.

InspHire is currently working with some of its powered access clients on various forms of mobile working technologies and has entered a partnership with Destiny Wireless plc, one of the world leaders in the delivery of digital pen and paper technology to bring this innovative technology to the rental sector.

The concept relies on the age-old pen and paper combination and works by capturing information written by the digital pen, onto specially printed paper and transmitting the data via a blue-tooth enabled mobile phone to the inspHire rental management system.

Long term inspHire client AFI is using the digital pen technology to fill in inspection sheets on specially printed paper, this is then transmitted back immediately to the inspHire database via a mobile phone.

This then renders an exact copy of the completed form with inspection results ticks, crosses, signatures and any other scribbles.

Other processes can also be triggered such as setting up the next inspection due. AFI has experienced significant improvements to the whole process resulting in time and cost efficiencies.

"We are really excited about this technology," says Graham Dobbs, sales director at inspHire.

"It allows our powered access customers to obtain necessary maintenance data from the field service team out on the road or deliveries/returns information from their own depots to be rapidly uploaded without the need to be constantly backwards and forwards to base with completed documents, a waste of both time and fuel.

"The Destiny pen technology means the company can continue with paper based information if they want to as well as having the same information stored electronically with immediate access to this information shortening invoice times, and generally increasing that all important level of customer service."

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