After market activity

By Patrick Hill20 November 2008

TVH shipped 240000 euros worth of access spare parts in July.

TVH shipped 240000 euros worth of access spare parts in July.

Machine sales is but one part of the access industry, and there is no doubt that sales are significantly down in many parts of the world. What are the indications for other aspects of the business, such as parts and training?

Bernard Vandromme, business development manager - inplant vehicles for TVH, tells AI that the company shipped €240000 worth of access spare parts last July. Compare that figure to the €140000 to €150000 that The Netherlands company, which is building an access parts business after becoming a world leader in forklift truck parts, usually ships per month, and you might think users are keeping machines longer.

However, Mr Vandromme says that the summer holiday activities might have normally reduced demand. He says also that owners are perhaps bulking up parts to support overhaul activities while equipment is inactive.

IPS, a parts and service provider based in the UK, says that "it hasn't seen a large amount of difference in activity. There certainly has been no drop." Its parts activities in Finland, France, and Australia have been "steady". Its workshop activities, primarily service contracts to end-users, in the UK also remains stable. "It's still too early to tell."

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